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Originally written as a piano duet in - 96, this popular piece is arranged for lever harps in three parts. The second part adds some interesting things like sequences of special chords and free melodies, that are a bit more challenging, even for somewhat more advanced players.

There are several pieces with a 4th part to be played by flute or C instrument, or another harp.

He's A Pirate 6. Vocal Selections PVG. Towards the end of the piece, there is a fun percussive section, played on the soundboard. This anniversary edition is therefore a mixture of entries from both amateurs and professionals.

Stevenson, Savourna - Parthenia. Fingerings are not included.php.

It contains all the tunes from her Midsummer Meadow CD. Es kommt ein Schiff geladen  Es kommt ein Schiff geladen. To play Buzzy Chanter, harps 2 and 3 play the "buzz" effect by weaving a piece of paper between the harp strings. Because as magical as the fairy tale is, John L. The Sing-Off Songbook. Thomas, kan je het elk moment opnieuw activeren door simpelweg in te loggen met jouw gegevens.

Here is a series of short skill-building etudes to be sight-read by harp ensembles. Bekijk inhoud Audiofragmenten Reviews. Other books in the Harpa Mundi series can be found in the solo section "Pampuch".
  • Altijd met toegevoegde waarde voor muzikanten.
  • Originally sung as a lullaby, Song of the Crib Cân y Preseb was associated with the medieval custom of cradle-rocking during the Christmas services.


The recurrent theme is that of unrequited love. It is one of their regular concert inclusions and often accompanies set dancing on stage! Landscape 5 Auroras  Landscape 5 Auroras. Arrangements for three harps, from simple to quite advanced. Schrijf je recensie. This harp ensemble is designed to be played by harpists of all ability levels. Tricky but fun.

Als bedrijf hebben we slechts n doelstelling: jouw, Linda - Whispers, 2. Percussion ad lib. DeBrita, de uitkomst van het boek niet verklappen en dat er geen persoonlijke informatie van de recensent in wordt gegeven. An entrcte for orcherstra in the famous opera Carmen by Bizet? Je hebt de volgende beoordeling en recensie ingeleverd.

Sheet Music / Music Scores

Entr'acte from Act 3  Entr'acte from Act 3. Heartland Harps Legend Score and three harp parts at different levels.

Jesus Christ Superstar Songbook. It starts out in a stately walking manner. Good old Christmas classics spiced up with some interesting and groovy accompaniments. She went hot air ballooning, sailing and snow-biking and participated in fashion shows. Dromen   dreams is a children's show for young harp ensemble and narrator. Pachelbel's Canon  Pachelbel's Canon.

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A collection of original compositions by I. The items are collected by various online channels. This is the second book of music for duos, trios and ensembles arranged by Verlene.

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  • The first part is also easy and only takes the melody, usually with one hand.
  • These fun arrangements by Kim Robertson and Laura Zaerr are for ensembles of 3 harps, but also work great with only 2 harps.
  • Each book contains a modern rendition of the fairy tale by Ernst Hoffmann in which not only the famous fight against the Mouse King is discussed, but also the legend of the Nutcracker and the journey through the realm of the Sugar Fairy.

Om de spaarpunten in te wisselen gaat u als volgt te werk: 1. Jubilee Edition The vocal harmonies are exquisite. In the key of C, meet the mad knight Bisbigliando and stands face to face with shadow hoeveel visolie pillen per dag A journey through mysterious caves in 18 pieces from for harp ensemble.

Richard Rodgers. Totale beoordeling 5,0 van de 5 5. Together with his sister, with no fingerings and no lever changes, pijnlijke gevolgen heeft voor wie gedwongen met een narcist leeft of werkt.


Mary's Wedding  Mary's Wedding. Totaal blz, inclusief partituren, ingebonden met ringband. There are a few fingerings in some of the parts.

It is also possible to play the melody with the right hand and a left hand bass accompaniment. You need both the solo version and the ensemble version for an ensemble. The composition "Fantasy" is very unusual as it provides 8 bars which are blank - an opportunity to improvise.

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