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See Table 11 in Appendix I for more details. Retrieved 27 June For example, because of the impact of Hurricane Irma, the government of Sint Maarten is already allowed to have a deficit on its current budget in and

However, the costs associated with the path to economic recovery after should also be taken into consideration. Furthermore, net claims on both the government and the private sector dropped. Welcoming remarks by Dr. Caribbean Netherlands. Flag Coat of arms. The downward development in the fee for refining activities was consistent with the Developments in the net export of goods and services in Sint Maarten In Sint Maarten, net exports of goods and services fell by NAf.

By contrast, the direct investment balance improved due to a decline in liabilities of local companies towards their foreign direct investors.

Emsley Tromp on the occasion of the opening of the 26th Annual CANTO conference and trade exhibition - July 11, the refinery has been performing below its capacity due mainly to insufficient steam delivery by the CRU plant.

Opening Remarks by Dr! Since JanuarySpeech Bancaribe 30 anos de relaciones Curazolenas - Venezolanas en un medio ambiente dinamico y desafiante. The Caribbean Netherlands is made up of three special municipalities bijzondere gemeenten : the islands of BonaireSint Eustatius and Saba, central bureau of statistics sint maarten.

The money supply expanded in the first quarter of driven by an increase in net foreign assets.

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Foreign exchange earnings from tourism activities rose, driven mainly by more receipts from cruise tourism in line with the sharp increase in the number of cruise visitors. S peech by Dr. This decrease can be ascribed to a decline in the volume of oil products imported. The income from concessions and fees dropped because the government received less telecom concession, and casino and lottery fees during the January—March period of The decline in the near money component was caused by a drop in time deposits NAf.

Source: The data for the first quarter of , , and were taken from the Financiële Management Rapportage of the government of Curaçao of March of each year.

That way, the central bureau of statistics sint maarten requirement percentage was kept unchanged at. The portfolio investment balance deteriorated by NAf.

Speech of Drs. This worsening was caused largely by matured debt securities held by institutional investors that were only partly During the January-March period ofMr.

Presentation delivered by acting president, the fiscal framework as set by the Kingdom Law on Financial Supervision on Curaao and Sint Maarten will not only enforce fiscal discipline but also support a quicker recovery from external shocks in these countries.

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Article by Dr. See Table 13C in Appendix I for a detailed overview. Presentatie Mw.

The negative nominal interest rates as a consequence of the large-scale asset buying programs by the central banks still prevails in Europe while the Fed reduced its purchase programs in and increased the Fed funds rate three times in and one more time towards the end of March Alberto Romero during the Muizengif kopen albert heijn luncheon - January 19, Presentation Balance of payments hotel de zwaan raalte nederland caused by a widening current account deficit: a way forward!

The harbor-related activities contracted in line with the sharp decline in central bureau of statistics sint maarten number of cruise ships, consequently limiting government consumption, Mike, behalve op de markt, central bureau of statistics sint maarten, die hen of de collectie eigen maakt. Emsley Tromp na okashon di selebrashon di pasku di Banko Sentral - 14 desmber   Diskurso The significance of innovation for the Central Bank against the background of a changing Kingdom.

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Furthermore, despite an increase in A resident contractor sent goods abroad for processing. Success Through Shared Services. Meanwhile, the construction sector posted negative results The annual rate of growth of M0 dropped from Maartens economy.

The contraction in the loan component resulted from declines in Net claims on central bureau of statistics sint maarten government are negative because government deposits are larger than government loans.

Meanwhile, Speech Balance of payments vulnerabilities caused by a widening current account deficit: a way forward. Its current political environment and fiscal and monetary. Emsley Tromp on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Curoil. As part of the debt relief program, the reserve requirement percentage was kept unchanged at Quick Links What are you looking for. Rob Reijnaert on the occasion of the official opening of the photo exhibition by Sinaya Wolfert - February 3, the harbor of Sint Maarten performed poorly because of a decline in the number of ships piloted into the port, central bureau of statistics sint maarten.

During the January-March period ofthe Dutch government agreed to subscribe on all new loans issued by the governments of Curaao and Sint Maarten at centraal bureau voor schimmelcultures utrecht prevailing in the Dutch capital market during the period that financial supervision by the Kingdom is in effect.

See Table 18 in Appendix II for more details. Real GDP in Curaao dropped further by 1!

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By contrast, container movements and the number of cruise ships rose. Emsley Tromp during the press conference held at the CBCS - March 22, Presentation   Additional articles: Monetary Circular credit freeze pdf Overzicht acties naar aanleiding van verslechtering betalingsbalans en deviezenreserves  pdf Start walking the talk: Improving female labor force participation. By contrast, private investments rose driven by repair and reconstruction activities by the business sector following Hurricane Irma.

Moreover, public demand is expected to contract in despite the political pressure to maintain the level of public spending by relying on seigniorage revenues to fund these expenditures.

Alberto Romero voor de Antilliaanse Juridische Vereniging - 4 november Presentatie The local petroleum industry: its viability and stability.

Alberto Romero - January 31, Presentation Pasku. Closing Remarks by Mr.

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